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The NRKBeta doctrine and the spectrial

Posted in Internet with tags , , , , on February 21, 2009 by Haakon Sengsvoll

The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it. The phrase was used by Erik Solheim in an interview with Tagesschau to explain NRK’s policy of using bittorrent to distribute some of its content.Soon thereafter, Terje Tjervaag coined the phrase the NRKBeta-doctrine.


The ongoing spectrail against The Pirate Bay in a Stockholm court has brought new attention to the meaning of the phrase. There are so much depth to the phrase and I believe both the film and the record industry ought to take some time contemplating the content of it, given the day and age we’re at. The trial in Stockholm raises so many difficult questions, which from my point of view, only can result in a final Not-guilty-verdict.

The trial can be followed on twitter.



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Tonight, I will be at the FIRE Conference in Norway. I am looking forward to another service with Rodney Howard Browne at the Mjoendalen Sport and Cultural Center. It was a great experience and blessing to be there last night after a busy and exciting week of work in Israel. For those that are unable to attend the conference, don’t despair. Continue reading

Bias in Wikipedia

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Wiki LogoLast month there was a clash between Palestinians and Israelis in the narrative war about the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. CAMERA, The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, was accused of organizing illegitimate support for the Israeli side. The result was that some of its members were banned from Wikipedia.

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