Bias in Wikipedia

Wiki LogoLast month there was a clash between Palestinians and Israelis in the narrative war about the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. CAMERA, The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, was accused of organizing illegitimate support for the Israeli side. The result was that some of its members were banned from Wikipedia.


Wiki CAMERAHonest Reporting says that a closer look at Wikipedia’s inner workings, however, reveals there is more to the story. Research carried out by Social Media expert Dr. Andre Oboler, a Legacy Heritage Fellow at NGO Monitor, reveals that it was Electronic Intifada, not CAMERA, that manipulated Wikipedia to achieve its ideological goals. There are even more Palestinian organizations that conspire to skew the history.

When one considers the numerous reports how the Palestinians are bending the truth in regard to the history of Israel, it is likely to belive that this behavior also extends into Wikipedia. Hopefully the attention that this situation has got will serve to recruit more people who want to intervene on behalf of Israel in the electronic battleground of Wikipedia.

Read the whole story at Honest Reporting. Read what Dr Andre Oboler says.


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