Key Grip’ing on the Spring Film


Playing with the Silicon Imaging 2K.

Last week I was working on the film The Unlikely Apprentice here in Virginia Beach. It was the Regent Pictures’ Spring film. Here is the synopsis:

Upon losing his sight, an elderly artist, Walter, has also lost his way in life.  A hungry, homeless boy, Charlie, has started down the road of delinquency for survival.  Their two worlds collide as their needs form an unlikely encounter.  With honorable intentions of paying back Walter for vandalism, Charlie proves that he is indeed a worthy human being.  In turn, Walter discovers a talented diamond-in-the-rough in this young scoundrel.  With time and patience, the two exchange gifts:  Walter with his craft of painting and Charlie with his knowledge of life.  Makes one wonder who is the real tutor and who is the real apprentice?

As a student film it has a low budget. The rule is that no one gets paid for working on it. This was my first experience working on a film with a full crew, and also first time for me to be Key Grip. Being the Key Grip would let me work close to the camera to best serve the Director of Photography. From this experience I learned a lot about the whole process of film making as I could observe the director, the DP, and the 1st AD as they were organizing crew and cast to keep on going in order to make the day.


Despite the snowy weather on the first day of photography, we were able to finish the film on time.


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