The Norwegian Lady

The Norwegian Lady, Moss.Today, my family and I visited Moss for the commemoration of the Norwegian bark Dictator registered in Moss, which went down just a few hundred yards off the coast of Virginia Beach on March 27, 1891. The figurehead was washed ashore and erected as a landmark, facing the sea on the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. In 1953, during a hurricane, it disappeared. An idea of making another copy of “The Norwegian Lady” led to a commission by Norwegian sculptor Ørnulf Bast, who made 2 copies of brass. On September 22, 1962, the two statues were unveiled simultaneously in Moss and Virginia Beach. The two Norwegian Lady statues have created a bond between the two cities, and in 1974, Virginia Beach and Moss became sister cities.

I have been living around Moss for many years, but it was not until I moved to Virginia Beach in January this year that I became aware of the history and connection between the two cities. The ceremony at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach in March this year was memorable. The story of Captain Jørgensen, who lost his ship, his son, his pregnant wife, and five members of his crew, is touching. You can read more about it here and here. More photos from today’s ceremony in Moss, on Flickr.

The Norwegian Lady


2 Responses to “The Norwegian Lady”

  1. I just visited Moss and saw the statue there. I had no idea of the history, but it’s been very interesting to read about it after I became aware of it. Some years ago, I visited Virginia Beach, but I didn’t see The Norwegian Lady, unfortunately. I didn’t know about her, or I would have made sure I visited the statue.

    Very touching story behind these two twin statues.

  2. I just visit. Thanks.

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