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Grip Truck

Posted in Communication, Video with tags , , , on March 12, 2009 by Haakon Sengsvoll

On Monday I returned the grip truck with the equipment and with the help of the DP and Gaffer, we also cleaned up the truck. Word is that it hasn’t been this nice for a year… Anyway, I am looking forward to see the final result, which I hope will be touching hearts all over the world.


The Grip Truck ready to be turned in.


Key Grip’ing on the Spring Film

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Playing with the Silicon Imaging 2K.

Last week I was working on the film The Unlikely Apprentice here in Virginia Beach. It was the Regent Pictures’ Spring film. Here is the synopsis:

Upon losing his sight, an elderly artist, Walter, has also lost his way in life.  A hungry, homeless boy, Charlie, has started down the road of delinquency for survival.  Their two worlds collide as their needs form an unlikely encounter.  With honorable intentions of paying back Walter for vandalism, Charlie proves that he is indeed a worthy human being.  In turn, Walter discovers a talented diamond-in-the-rough in this young scoundrel.  With time and patience, the two exchange gifts:  Walter with his craft of painting and Charlie with his knowledge of life.  Makes one wonder who is the real tutor and who is the real apprentice?
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FOX behind Christian TV in Sweden?

Posted in Communication, TV with tags , , , , , , , on February 28, 2009 by Haakon Sengsvoll

Rupert Murdoch’s broadcast company Fox Channel is in negotiation with a Swedish Christian daily about launching a pan-Nordic Christian TV-channel. Swedish TV-veteran Siewert Öholm says to Realtid that he has been given the task to explore the possibilities to start a Christian 24/7 TV-channel. Öholm is one of the paper’s editors. Several Swedish papers, such as Resume and Dagen and even TV4 refer to the news while Världen i Dag still is quiet about the new direction the paper is taking.

It is almost two years since I first heard about the paper’s plans about launching its own TV-station. Continue reading

The NRKBeta doctrine and the spectrial

Posted in Internet with tags , , , , on February 21, 2009 by Haakon Sengsvoll

The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it. The phrase was used by Erik Solheim in an interview with Tagesschau to explain NRK’s policy of using bittorrent to distribute some of its content.Soon thereafter, Terje Tjervaag coined the phrase the NRKBeta-doctrine.


The ongoing spectrail against The Pirate Bay in a Stockholm court has brought new attention to the meaning of the phrase. There are so much depth to the phrase and I believe both the film and the record industry ought to take some time contemplating the content of it, given the day and age we’re at. The trial in Stockholm raises so many difficult questions, which from my point of view, only can result in a final Not-guilty-verdict.

The trial can be followed on twitter.

Documentary Film

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Main character Arthur with tefillin
During the winter and spring I am occupied with making a documentary film. The main character of the film, Arthur, is a young Jew who fled together with his family from war in Tajikistan to safety in the USA. Because his family had lived under Soviet Union’s atheistic rule for many years, it resulted in a rather secularized way of life. The film is an investigation of how this young Jew connects with his historical roots and traditions, as he in January this year, traveled to Israel for the very first time in his life. I followed him for this 10-days trip to Israel to document his experiences. The trip was in the Birthright Israel-program or Taglit, which is the Hebrew name for it. The experiences the main character had during this trip profoundly changed his perception of being a Jew, the state of Israel and the concept of Zionism. Continue reading


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Tonight, I will be at the FIRE Conference in Norway. I am looking forward to another service with Rodney Howard Browne at the Mjoendalen Sport and Cultural Center. It was a great experience and blessing to be there last night after a busy and exciting week of work in Israel. For those that are unable to attend the conference, don’t despair. Continue reading

South Film Festival in Sderot

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South Film FestivalThe South International Film Festival or Festival Kolnoa Darom, as it is named in Hebrew, was arranged in Sderot, June 1-5, 2008. In midst of my work around in the area, I had the pleasure to attend the festival. I watched two of the student films and Waltz with Bashir, a feature length animation movie. The film was also nominated to the Gold Palm in Cannes last month. Written and directed by Ari Folman, I found the artistic work extremely well done. Continue reading