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FOX behind Christian TV in Sweden?

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Rupert Murdoch’s broadcast company Fox Channel is in negotiation with a Swedish Christian daily about launching a pan-Nordic Christian TV-channel. Swedish TV-veteran Siewert Öholm says to Realtid that he has been given the task to explore the possibilities to start a Christian 24/7 TV-channel. Öholm is one of the paper’s editors. Several Swedish papers, such as Resume and Dagen and even TV4 refer to the news while Världen i Dag still is quiet about the new direction the paper is taking.

It is almost two years since I first heard about the paper’s plans about launching its own TV-station. Continue reading



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Tonight, I will be at the FIRE Conference in Norway. I am looking forward to another service with Rodney Howard Browne at the Mjoendalen Sport and Cultural Center. It was a great experience and blessing to be there last night after a busy and exciting week of work in Israel. For those that are unable to attend the conference, don’t despair. Continue reading

Israel @ 60

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Israel @ 60

Congratulations Israel! Today, 60 years ago the British mandate of Palestine ended. The state of Israel had been declared the previous day. It was quickly recognized by The United States of America, The Soviet Union, and many other states. The tiny state of Israel were attacked by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, and was also aided by forces from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Libya. Miraculously, Israel was able to resist and survive the overwhelming attacks – Israel was a fact.

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