South Film Festival in Sderot

South Film FestivalThe South International Film Festival or Festival Kolnoa Darom, as it is named in Hebrew, was arranged in Sderot, June 1-5, 2008. In midst of my work around in the area, I had the pleasure to attend the festival. I watched two of the student films and Waltz with Bashir, a feature length animation movie. The film was also nominated to the Gold Palm in Cannes last month. Written and directed by Ari Folman, I found the artistic work extremely well done. The film itself can be considered an expression of dealing with the trauma and possibly guilt of the Lebanon war. I also watched the documentary Lullaby, a graduate film, directed by Natalie Haziza. It was a humorous, touching, and personal exploration of her childhood, being raised by two mothers.

The South International Film Festival is a testimony of the pioneering Jewish spirit that built Israel and made the desert blossom. Despite 7000 kassams, the Israelis are not giving in to the goal of their enemies who want to drive them away from the region. It was such an example of dedication to their heritage of the land that they are arranging this festival for the 7th time in Sderot. Behind the festival is the Sapir College, a college in the adjacent Shaar HaNegev region. The college has also been under attacks from the kassams. In fact, one of their students Roni Yechiah, was killed on the campus’ parking lot three months ago.


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  1. Jane Davidson Says:

    either you telephone is busy or your fax is on
    how can I order tickets?

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