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Main character Arthur with tefillin
During the winter and spring I am occupied with making a documentary film. The main character of the film, Arthur, is a young Jew who fled together with his family from war in Tajikistan to safety in the USA. Because his family had lived under Soviet Union’s atheistic rule for many years, it resulted in a rather secularized way of life. The film is an investigation of how this young Jew connects with his historical roots and traditions, as he in January this year, traveled to Israel for the very first time in his life. I followed him for this 10-days trip to Israel to document his experiences. The trip was in the Birthright Israel-program or Taglit, which is the Hebrew name for it. The experiences the main character had during this trip profoundly changed his perception of being a Jew, the state of Israel and the concept of Zionism. Continue reading



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The word Sabra in Israel has at least three meanings. It is the name of the cactus on the photos, a tank, and native born Israeli Jews. According to Wikipedia, we have that the word is derived from the Hebrew name for the prickly pear cactus, i.e. “tzabar”. The allusion to the native born Israelis is to a tenacious, thorny desert plant with a thick hide that conceals a sweet, softer interior, i.e., rough and masculine on the outside, but delicate and sensitive on the inside. Continue reading

Healthy Israeli food

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Yotvata logoIn Israel it is so easy to eat healthy food as there are so many restaurants that serve delicious salads. Not only is the food looking good, but the fruits and vegetables taste so much better as compared to vegetables bought in Norway. I guess that is because the vegetables are allowed to get ripe before the produce is harvested, compared to the imported fruits and vegetables up North in Norway and Scandinavia. Here, the imported produce is harvested before it is ripe, a practice which I believe reduces the richness of taste. Continue reading