Betrayal by Swedish Christian Democrats’ Party

The Swedish Christian Democrats’ Party voted against the proposed resolution that would recognize the genocide against Assyrians and Armenians by the Turks. By their stance, they betray their own voters. Also; by their position in this case, the Christian Democrats show a striking example of how they give in to the submissive position of the dhimmi. Also their Norwegian counterpart, Christian Peoples’ Party, prior to the 1997 election, promised their voters that they would relocate the Norwegian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. When they won the election, they decided to not honor their promises. Former, Norwegian Prime Minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik turned his back against the voters, because “the time was not right.” In Norway, the voters turn away from the Christian Peoples’ Party, and many sympathize with Fremskrittspartiet, because it is the most Israel-friendly party in Norway. Hopefully, they will win next year’s election and have Siv Jensen as the next Norwegian Prime Minister.

In contrast, Sweden does not have such a party, represented in the parliament. The most similar party to Fremskrittspartiet is Sverigedemokraterna. Therefore, I hope that Sverigedemokraterna will continue its success and gain some seats in the parliament at the next election in Sweden. Then there will be some real opposition in Swedish politics.


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