Tzeva Adom!


When I was in Israel recently, I experienced several Tzeva Adoms or Red Alerts. For me it was kind of a surrealistic experience to hear the loudspeaker voice announce Tzeva Adom! The first time it happened I was on May 29, at the Sderot Communitty Center, where my colleague Jostein Skevik and I were meeting with its director, Avi Sulimany. As people were running for the safe rooms inside, I was more concerned about having my video camera recording. We gathered in the new auditorium and waited for about a minute, but we could not hear any boom, so we went back to the meeting room.

Later at night the same day, we were present at a graduation ceremony for students at the Ibbim Youth Village. During the celebration there was another Tzeva Adom, and we had to go inside the shelter. No boom happened within range of our ears. Also, during the Shabbat, while we were celebrating together with friends in Sderot, there was another alarm. Here, we went to a shelter in the basement of the house, but again we could not hear any explosion of kassam rockets.

Initially, I thought that the announcement of Tzeva Adom would be with sirens, but instead it was a rather calm voice saying: “Tzeva Adom!” I doubt that I would recognize the alarm if I was asleep during the night. However, Israelis we spoke with would say that they would wake up in the middle of the night when the alarm sounds.

Sderot is located only 1 km from the border to Gaza, and the city has been attacked more than 7000 times for the last seven years. Despite the attacks from the Palestinian terrorist in Gaza, the Israelis are determent to stay. During our my visit I was able to visit the 7th South International Film Festival in Sderot. The festival is a message that they intend to stay in their beautiful country.


2 Responses to “Tzeva Adom!”

  1. I wish that peace will be present in Gaza in order to have a good sleep and security. I can’t imagine the feeling of living in a different world of fears. I only hope that someday you will find peacefulness not only in mind but also in your heart. 🙂

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