Healthy Israeli food

Yotvata logoIn Israel it is so easy to eat healthy food as there are so many restaurants that serve delicious salads. Not only is the food looking good, but the fruits and vegetables taste so much better as compared to vegetables bought in Norway. I guess that is because the vegetables are allowed to get ripe before the produce is harvested, compared to the imported fruits and vegetables up North in Norway and Scandinavia. Here, the imported produce is harvested before it is ripe, a practice which I believe reduces the richness of taste.

Yotvata Salad

The picture is of a generous dish of salad served at the beach side Yotvata in Town-restaurant at 76 Herbert Samuel Promenade, Tel Aviv. Together with a friend, I visited the restaurant May 31, after a day at the beautiful Tel Aviv beach. The Yotvata in Town – chain of restaurants is owned by Kibbutz Yotvata, located in the desert, 42 km north of Eilat. Yummy! To drink, I recommend the fresh squeezed lemonade. So, next time you visit the Israel, go for a salad dish.


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