In Sderot

Right now I am in Israel, visiting Sderot, the city that has experienced 7 years of Palestinian terror attacks by kassam rockets. More than 7000 rockets have fallen into this city, sometimes as much as 40 a day. Many of the children have grown up with the constant presence of the kassam attacks. Yesterday, we intervied some of the children who has experienced this closely. A young girl told us that her grandfather saved her and her sister’s life by throwing himself over them as a rocket hit their home. It has been a moving experience to meet these people. We have also experienced the ‘tzeva adom’ – red alert. It is a surreal situation for us to be in a situation where we don’t know where the rocket will hit, knowing that we are within its range…


3 Responses to “In Sderot”

  1. Ah yes… and the Palestinians have not been terrorized by the Israelis? How many Israelis dies in Sderot as a result of these home made “kassams” vs. Palestinians who died at the hands of an army equipped with the latest of WMD?

    Very moving indeed!!!


  2. typo – should be: How many Israelis died..

  3. Israel is denied the peace they want with their neighboers, who, unfortunaltely is ruled by forces that only want to ‘drive the Jews into the sea’, thus eradicating the legitimate state of Israel. While the Israelis never attack civilians on purpose, the Palestinian’s deadly mortar, kassam-, and grad-rockets is only aimed at civilians. Therefore, it is terrorism.
    If the Russians or the USA had experienced such crimes against their citizens, they would have carpet bombed the Gaza strip until there were no more Palestininans there. They wouldn’t cared about the people living there. But Israel wants to live in peace, even with the people in Gaza.

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