Islamists go berserk in Nigeria

NigeriaThree weeks ago Muslims in Nigeria kidnapped the two Christian girls Mary Chikwodi Okoye, 15, and Uche Edward, 14, from their foster home in Ningi, Nigeria. Their destiny were to be married by Muslims in an effort to expand Islam. However, last week they were rescued by Nigerian police forces. Subsequently, the islamists went berserk, and destroyed six churches to protest the rescue.

The Christians living in the regions where the islamists have enforced the barbaric sharia laws are desperately in need of our prayers and support. Organizations like Compass Direct are doing an incredible job victims that are denied the basic human rights. Read the whole article here.Compass Direct News logo


6 Responses to “Islamists go berserk in Nigeria”

  1. “Their destiny were to be married by Muslims in an effort to expand Islam.”

    What nonsense!

  2. Kidnapping and forced marriages are unfortunately criminal actions the islamists are doing. The Compass Direct article shows more examples of this outrageous behavior.

  3. I’m telling you, if they’re kidnapping and forcing girls into marriages it’s got nothing to do with ‘expanding Islam’. Why should they when according to the law they’re allowed to marry four women at once?

    Christians and Christian organization should desist from reporting and sensationalizing every single occurence in Northern Nigeria as part of the agenda of Islamists.

  4. The reason that they are expanding Islam by this practice is that the women are denied to convert back to Christianity — all according to the inhuman practice of sharia law.

    Because the sharia law is inhuman in its nature, one should keep on reporting on its horrible consequences and practices — not only from Northern Nigeria, but wherever it happens.

  5. Haaksen, you cannot label an unIslamic act as Islamist. There is no place for kidnap and forceful marriage in Islam. If these people really did it, even if they supposedly do it in the name of Islam, it is inherently unIslamic.

    I just want to point that out to you. You can believe whatever you want thereafter.

  6. Nan,
    Apparently, those Muslims who committed these attrocities against these young girls, sees this as a part of their Islamic religion. As long as they see themselves as Muslims, I can call them Islamists.

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