Israel @ 60

Israel @ 60

Congratulations Israel! Today, 60 years ago the British mandate of Palestine ended. The state of Israel had been declared the previous day. It was quickly recognized by The United States of America, The Soviet Union, and many other states. The tiny state of Israel were attacked by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, and was also aided by forces from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Libya. Miraculously, Israel was able to resist and survive the overwhelming attacks – Israel was a fact.

2700 years earlier this was prophesied by Isaiah, who said Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? [or] shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children (Is 66:8). Through 60 years of hardship and 8 wars forced upon the nation by the hostile surrounding Arab nations, Israel has prevailed. As the only democracy in the region, Israel needs our support. I have been so lucky to be visiting Israel 12 times, and it has always been a pleasure and a delight to be in the Land of the Bible. If you haven’t been to Israel yet, I would encourage you to plan a visit to this exciting country.

Norwegian friends of Israel celebrated the jubilee by a gathering in the theater Forum Kino in Bergen. Norwegian local officials and the Israeli Ambassador were present. Ambassador Miryam Shomrat characterized the event as A great birthday party.

The celebration was hosted by Norwegian weekly Norge IDAG, International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and TV Visjon Norge. The independent TV station broadcasted the event live. Full Forum Kino

A full Forum Kino celebrating Israel


2 Responses to “Israel @ 60”

  1. Jag gratulerar er i Norge på er nationaldag, själv har jag för 17 år sen varit med i 17 maj firandet i halden ,när jag jobbade där en kort tid där, men vad gäller Israels firande är jag inte lika entusiastisk till länkar en artikel som jag och ett par vänner skrev där vi ger dig och ditt folk vårt stöd (en diakon, docent, professor, präst, ingenjör och kulturarbetare.

  2. Tack för hälsning ang 17. maj – Är för övrigt helt oenig med dig vad angår Israel.

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